6 Security Tips for People Who Live Alone

Security When You Live Alone | Lock N More

Society is changing. Many people are waiting longer to marry so the number of young people living alone is higher than ever. And, people are living longer, so many seniors can live alone for many years after a spouse passes away. Whether you are living alone by choice or necessity, take these steps to improve your security when you live alone.

Install The Best Locks You Can

The easiest way into a home is through a cheap lock. And, most burglars enter homes through front or back doors. So, make sure all your exterior entrances are protected with the best locks for residential doors. Yes, they are more expensive, but if you purchase the right lock, it can be almost impossible to pick or defeat using other standard measures. It’s a small investment in your security when you live alone, especially when you consider the possibilities of coming home to discover a burglary or of someone entering your home while you sleep. If you are not sure what lock is the best choice for you, a home locksmith who specializes in high security door locks can guide you to the right choice and make sure it is properly installed.

Keep Friends and Family Informed

To improve your security when you live alone, make sure a close friend or family member knows your regular routine. Have at least one person with whom you are in regular contact. This is especially important for senior citizens living alone. With seniors, a simple fall can leave them stranded on the floor. If no one is routinely checking in, this could lead to a catastrophe. Senior men are less likely to have a strong social network and more likely to spend time alone. Therefore, it is even more important for someone to regularly check on them.

Keep Others in the Dark

While close friends and family are designated for regular contact and to pay attention to unexpected changes in your routine, don’t share this with the rest of the world. It is best not to let other people know you are living alone. This information tells them that when you are out, no one else will be in your home. And, no one else will be arriving, either. Posting your upcoming trip on Facebook tells people your home will be empty for a period of time. Sharing information like this can have a negative effect on your security when you live alone.

Have Someone Watch Your Home When You Are Away

When you do go away, see if you can get a friend or relative to stay in your home. If not, find someone to at least go there every day that you are away. This will create daily activity at your home and allow mail to be removed from the mailbox, so it doesn’t collect.

Always Know Your Surroundings

Know the faces of the people living near you. This makes it easier to spot someone lingering who doesn’t belong in the neighborhood. There is another advantage to getting to know your neighbors. They are more likely to watch for problems at your home if you are not just another anonymous neighborhood resident.

Get a Dog

A dog is a great deterrent for several reasons. There are plenty of homes without them, and they make a racket when someone comes around the house. In addition to watching your home when you are out, having a dog provides great companionship for people living alone. For seniors who are still mobile, it is also an excuse to get more exercise through dog-walking.