Lock N More Cares About Child Safety in Cars

blank4 Tips For Child Safety inside Locked Cars

Lock-N-More cares that people don’t inadvertently leave their kids locked in the back seat of their cars. It seems unthinkable. But the people to whom it has happened report that they are generally careful and it took just one moment of inattention.

Occasionally, we all get overloaded and forget things; we forget our keys, lunches, and believe or not, children. For example, when both parents are unloading the car, neither realizes that the other hasn’t checked on the child. Here are some tips to help keep this happening to you:

1. Put something you need in the back seat with the child.

Make this a habit, if the child is in the backseat, put your briefcase, wallet, purse, or phone back there as well. Some people even recommend putting your left shoe in the back seat.

2. Put something child-related in the front seat with you.

The diaper bag or maybe a fuzzy animal or toy, so that when you are getting out you will trigger that memory.

3. Always keep your car locked up

and your keys, fobs, etc. secure. Even at home or in a secure neighborhood, there is always the possibility that a curious child will find their way into the car and be unable to get out.

Make sure that your daycare provider or school call you right away if your child does not show up on schedule.

4. Create a habit.

One habit is to always check the backseat when you get out of the car, whether you have children there or not. Another recommendation is to audibly remind yourself that you have a child in the back seat as you get started and as you drive. Of course, if you do see a child locked in a car, you should call 911 immediately.

More information at http://www.kidsandcars.org/