Combo Remote Head Key

Lock N More has a wide range of OEM keys for virtually any make, year and model car or truck. We come to you and replace and program your remote head key on the spot.

What is a Remote Head Key?

Remote head car keys are all-in-one key and remote control devices. The key has a traditional shaft that is cut to fit into your ignition. The key’s “head” (the part of the key you hold), contains a transponder chip. This chip communicates with your car’s security system to allow the car to start. Your remote head key generally has additional remote control buttons to operate door locks, and release the trunk. You may also have a “panic” button that loudly blast your horn if you are being  threatened.

What is the Transponder in My Remote Head Key?

Today’s cars have electronic devices called immobilizers that add an additional layer of protection against theft. With these devices, the car will not start if the correct ignition key is not present. The transponder in your key emits a radio signal that disarms the immobilizer and allows the car to start. This is an important deterrent to hot-wiring, because the immobilizer prevents the hot-wired car from operating without the key.

What Happens if My Remote Head Key Won’t Work?

Like all electronic devices, at some point, your remote head key will stop working. If it happens when the key is still new, it could be a defect, covered under warranty. These keys also contain batteries that power the controls, so periodically, you will need to replace the battery.

Sometimes, the key loses its programming and can no longer “tell” the car that it is the correct key. If that happens, you may be able to reprogram your existing key, or you may need to purchase a new one and have it programmed to your car.

Can I Purchase a New Remote Head Key Online?

If you decide to purchase a new key and have it programmed, please do not buy one online. Some of these replacements are poor-quality aftermarket keys. Others are made with refurbished chips from other cars. In some cases, because these chips were programmed before, they are now essentially “locked” and cannot be reprogrammed to work in another car.

Your best option is to call Lock N More. We have a wide range of OEM keys for virtually any make, year and model car, so we can easily replace and program your remote head key.