Residential Lock Rekeying

Do you know who has keys to your home? Get Lock N More’s residential lock rekeying so lost keys are no longer a problem.

Rekey Your Locks

You have moved into a new home or apartment. Do you know where all the keys are that were given out before you got there? Whether you have purchased your home or you are renting, there could be dozens of strangers who now have access to your home. If you do not want to completely replace your locks, our residential lock rekeying can provide an economical way to improve security.

What is Lock Rekeying?

There are tumbler pins in a standard lock that match up with your existing key and allow that key to turn the lock. When we rekey a lock, we reset those tumbler pins so they match a new key that your locksmith provides. It’s almost like having a new lock! In fact, your Lock N More residential locksmith can use the rekeying process to make all your home’s doors open with a single key.

A Name You Can Trust

There are many locksmiths out there, but we are not all the same. When you are trying to ensure your home’s security, the first step is finding a locksmith you can trust. Lock N More is licensed and insured. In addition, we carefully background-check our locksmith professionals so you can feel comfortable with the person coming into your home.


When you rekey a lock, you don’t have to replace the entire lock. We can remove the cylinder plug that contains the pins that make the lock conform to your key. We can either replace the entire cylinder or we can replace the pins with new ones that don’t match the existing key. In either case, your old keys won’t operate the lock anymore, so rekeying is almost like getting a new lock.

Yes! Rekeying can be a much more economical way of making your locks respond to different keys, so that anyone who has the old key can’t operate the lock. If you have good quality locks that are worth keeping, rekeying is something to consider.

Yes. If you don’t know who has keys anymore, rekeying changes the configuration of the lock so old keys will no longer work. So, all those missing keys will be useless!

Yes. Lock N More can configure your locks to work with one key. The locks must be made by the same manufacturer, though, so you may have to replace some of the locks to make this work for you.