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Residential Lock Change

Residential Lock Replacement

Lock N More Locksmith residential lock replacement services include top-quality residential locks, hardware, and security products to protect your home.

Choosing Replacement Locks

There are many kinds of locks available today, from simple deadbolts to sophisticated electronics. Lock N More’s trained locksmiths can guide you through the different types of locks, and their most effective uses, so you understand their pros and cons. Once you have that information, it’s easy to decide what types of locks best suit each of your needs and will give you a comfortable level of security.

Change the Locks on Your New Home

Don’t take home security lightly. If you have moved into a new home, or you just want to upgrade your home’s security, consider changing the locks on your doors. Lock N More’s residential security professionals will show you how to keep your home safe.

Did you know that a burglary occurs every 18 seconds? Did you know that they happen mostly during regular working hours? These are statistics. Unfortunately, most homes don’t have the right security measures to keep burglars out.

South Florida’s Trusted Lock Replacement Specialist

There are many choices when looking for a locksmith in Broward County, a locksmith in Miami-Dade, or a locksmith in Palm Beach County, but we are not all the same. When you are trying to ensure the security of your home, the first step is finding a locksmith you can trust. Lock N More is licensed and insured. In addition, each of our locksmith professionals is carefully background-checked for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you just moved into your home, you should replace all the locks. Also, consider changing the locks if a roommate has recently moved out and is no longer living with you, or you recently parted ways with anyone who might still have a key.

There is a huge selection of locks available for residential use. In addition to standard keyed deadbolts, there are mechanical combination door locks, electronic locks, and locks that connect with your cellphone. Your Lock N More professional can help you decide which type os best for you.

Yes! Lock N More is open 24/7 every day, so we can accommodate any schedule.

Lock N More can install locks all around your house that all accept one key.